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Qingdao Jingli Engineering Co.,Ltd. pSrise with registered capita, of RMB 10.550.000 and total assets of JmB24.460.000 . As a highly professional engineering and foundation construct.on enterpnse. we have all-hydraulic static pile drivers, long spiral pile machine, deep mix round p.le mach.ne, vanety of anchor machine, prospecting drill and high pressure dual fluid grouting machine and added renovated stories, professional reinforced inclination correction equipments, construction machinery, testing instruments, 315 sets of experimental devices; and standardization construction enterprise holding the prestige QMS and EMS 'double certification' licensees. Our competent technical force is comprised of 57 professional registered constructors, technical professionals with master's degree in geotechnical and structural fields. Construction is the backbone of our company. Our team is made up of over 175 professional operating personnel and 31 technicians. In 2008, we founded the legal entity dedicated to the effective utilization institute of underground space, in existing buildings. We are the fh*5t to begin solving the serious problem of parking shortage. The serious problem of car parking and car storage scarcity, in existing districts, is a challenge our company is determined to tackle and solve. Qmgdao Jingli Engineering Co, is committed to solving difficult problems facing our society's infrastructure. W„h our proven track record behind us. we have gained the confidence of the investment community. Our less'thanVt1!Pment P3St 3 years ls proof of this' with annual capital at nearly RMB100, 000.000, in less t^n two years our firm and its innovative team, has produced separate 9 invention patent,